Sohan Snack

Sohan Snack of Qom, Yazd and Tehran

Qom Sohan is one of the most delicious Iranian sweets that is usually served as an evening with tea. Sohan, the main souvenir of Qom and the most diverse Sohans can be found in this city. Sohan is a traditional pastry made from a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar and oil, and has a very light and brownish texture.



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Good quality features of Sohan

The quality of the Sohan sweets determines the quality of its ingredients, the type of butter or oil used in the preparation of Sohan and the amount of materials used in baking this sweet is very important. Not sticking to the teeth or stiffenings is one of the best signs of good Sohan. The taste of high quality Sohan is such that the consumer can understand the quality with a little taste, but the poor Sohan is unpleasant and not fresh.

Sohan Gol

The most famous kind of Sohan is the Gol. The sweets that are arranged in metal boxes are round, and in the middle are full of pistachios. Still, many people know the souvenirs of Qom with Sohan Gol.

Loqmei(Bite) Sohan

This model is made up of molds and has the same taste of Gol Sohan, with the difference that it may seem a bit sharper and a better choice for souvenirs and gifts. Underneath the golden layer of this kind of Sohan, put pistachio or walnut.

Gazi Sohan

If we love Sohan and Gaz, We can combine two choices with buying Sohan Gazi, both of them together.

Habbei (small cubes) Sohan

Habbei Sohan, like Sugar cubes, it's small and compact, and suitable for catering.

Sohan of Tehran

In addition to the city of Qom, Tehran also has its own Sohan, which is one of the best souvenirs in Shahr-e-Rey due to its taste and high quality.

Shah Abdol-Azim shrine is one of the places of pilgrimage in Tehran that has had a special place among the sights of Tehran since ancient times. If you travel to Shahr-e-Rey and visit Shah Abdol-Azim shrine, be sure to prepare the souvenir of this city, which is Sohan. Shahr-e-Rey is located in the southern part of Tehran province. The Sohan of Shahr-e-Rey are very popular and everyone likes it.

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