Nan berenji Snack

Nan berenji Snack of Kermanshah and Qazvin

Nan Berenji is one of the famous and very popular sweets in the city of Kermanshah, which is also known as souvenirs of this city. Nan Berenji was previously considered one of the most important gifts for Nowruz. This authentic and very tasty pastry is pleasant to all the taste and the aroma of the Nan Berenji, tempting in the traditional Bazaars of Kermanshah is always appreciated.

nan berenji

nan berenji

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About Nan Berenji

Kermanshah Nan Berenji is one of the most delicious sweets in this city, which is also a great option for souvenirs. Kermanshahi saffron Nan Berenji is very famous and it is also very nutritious in terms of nutritional value and it can be a perfect snack. Tasting fresh and delicious Nan Berenji, along with a cup of fresh and well-freshened tea, can be an exciting time and an appetizer for guests.

The time that was considered for brass bread is related to the Qajar time and something about 150 years ago. According to the narrations and quotations available, this delicious sweet flavor started from 150 years ago in Kermanshah and continues to this day.

In the past, many people crossed the city because of the city of Kermanshah on the path of the Silk Road and the road to Karbala.

The people of this city also thought of getting stuff that was dominant in people and had a high nutritional value, so that the needs of the tired travelers would be on long paths and have a lasting longevity. Since then, baking Nan Berenji which the raw material is rice flour has begun.

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