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Sweets and Snacks List in Iran

About Snacks and Sweets in Iran

Sweets and Snacks are delicious meals that arecooked in Iran with nectar and a variety of brains and nuts. The variety of traditional sweets and dishes in Iran derives from the food and food culture of the people of this land. The handsome and entertaining people, who have become famous throughout the world with a variety of healthy and delicious meals. Among these delicious and tempting sweets and Snacks, you can find Baklava, Qottab, Sohan, Gaz, Nan berenji,Nan khormaei, Kolompeh, Msghati and etc.

It was said that when the Achaemenid kings wanted to move from Susa to Persepolis or vice versa, the palace's crew before the arrival of the Shah to the palace, offered bread and sweets. It can be said that the main food of the people during the Achaemenid period, in addition to meat and bread and other foods, also included a variety of sweets.