Kolompeh Snack

Kolompeh Snack of Kerman

Kolompeh are a special type of sweets that are cooked in Kerman. This Special sweets has a special composition and the main ingredients are dates, flour, spices and oil. The Kolompeh is shaped like a muffin, except that there are dates in it. The walnut Kolompeh, is one of the most delicious types of Kolompeh. Kerman's Kolompeh can be kept in closed containers for a long time because of their dryness.



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The ingredients of the Kolompeh

The Kolompeh consists of two main parts: an outer part that forms the shape of the muffin, and an inner part that is made up separately and then placed inside the Kolompeh's dough. All in all, the following ingredients to make this sweet flavor are: solid oil, white wheat flour, egg yolk, pasteurized milk, baking powder, sesame, walnut, pistachio, dates, palm powder, cinnamon Saffron, sugar and rose water.

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