Best Mazandaran Cuisines to eat for tourists

Mirza ghasemi appetizer as a thing to eat of mazandaran

One of the most famous Persian cuisines is Mirza Ghasemi's North Food, which is considered an Iranian vegetarian cuisine. To prepare Mirza Ghassemi, grilled eggplant mix with garlic and crushed tomatoes should be blended to make tomatoes and garlic, complete with eggplants. Add the egg and mix the ingredients until the whole egg is spread and cooked.

Posht zik or sohan konjedi snack as a thing to eat of mazandaran

Sohan Konjedi or Posht Zik Posht Zik or Sohan Konjedi is a local sweet dessert which belongs to the old Mazandaran or Mazandaran and the present Golestan province. This dessert is good for kids and athletics especially the honey version. It is rich in energy that is made with sesame and sugar. The reason for its name is because of a bird named Zik whose habitat is in northern Iran and the color of the wings is exactly like this sweetness. It's easy to make it.

Nargesi main course as a thing to eat of mazandaran

Vegetarian Nargesi is simple and easy to make. Steam the spinach to prepare Nergesi. Then mix it with onions and fried garlic, Add a bit of salt and pepper and add a few eggs to the spinach and let them get it. Simply

Bahar narenj drink as a thing to eat of mazandaran

Bahar Narenj is mean The orange blossom or orange flower And with the orange spring that becomes in spring, Jam and Bahar Narenj syrup are prepared. The most important medicinal property of the Bahar Narenj is its effect on the nervous system of the body. The Bahar Narenj is a relaxing and anti-thirsty nerve and reduces migraine headaches.