Ash Shole Mashhadi as a popular Khorasan Food


Ash Shole Mashhadi

Mashhad Shole, known only as Shole in Mashhad, is a food from the Ash family. The main ingredients of this dish are plenty of meat, beans and spices, which can be added to some of the cow bone kernel to make it tasty.

Ash Shole Mashhadi as a popular Khorasan Food

Shole Mashhadi

History of Shole Mashhadi

The emergence of the Shole dates back to the time of the Mongol invasion of Khorasan, due to a lack of time and food for any kind of food that was found and available and was thrown into large boilers and cooked. Saying Shole is a Mongolian food is a mistake, and it is meant since the Mongol era in Iran. Because the process of making Mashhadi Shole Ash is very laborious and expensive, it is usually not cooked in homes and is always cooked in large volumes on special occasions (especially Muharram) by its own cook and is of great importance to Mashhadis. The last days of the Moharram decade are cooked. Many people in Mashhad see interest in Ash Shole as one of the hallmarks of Mashhad's identity. Mashhadi Shole cooking requires a lot of experience, precision and patience.

Ingredients shole mashhadi, for 15 person:

One kilogram of mutton + 200 g lamb tail fat minced a cup of Red beans a cup of Kidney beans a cup of Chili beans a cup of Peas one cup of Mung bean Two cups of wheat grits Salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and ginger and salt as needed A Grated nutmeg Two cups of Semi-Iranian Rice