Majoor kadoo Main course

Majoor kadoo Main course of Kerman

Majoor Kadoo is one of the best and most original local foods in Kerman with an easy cooking recipe. Majoor Kadoo is one of Kerman's healthy and tasty foods. In addition to being easy to prepare, it is economically inexpensive.

majoor kadoo

majoor kadoo

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About Majoor Kadoo

Majoor Kadoo is made from pumpkin (Zucchini), wheat flour, liquid oil, white cheese, dill, eggs and spices. cooking this delectable meal takes about 1 to 5 minutes. If you haven't tried Majoor Kadoo before, know that you miss the taste of this Kermanian dish. If you are a guest in Kerman, do not forget to try the Majoor Kadoo and choose among the Kerman’s foods and flavors.

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