Kebab Main course

Kebab Main course of Khorasan

Iranian barbecues are more diverse than you imagine. First of all, we go to Kebab koobideh, grilled beef with red meat, chopped onions and salt and pepper. It may seem simple, but its taste is unique. After that, the Kebab Barg you ahead with a thin layer of lamb or cow, with lemon juice, onions, saffron and butter. Grilled chicken, now burning on fire after laying chicken meat in lemon juice and saffron. If you're very fortunate,you can get to Jegaraki and eat some liver with fresh basil and lemon juice.



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Kerman Zargari Kebab; different Kebab

The Kerman Zargari Kebab is a kind of food in which the minced meat is fried in oil and mixed with fried onions and fried potatoes and roasted with tomato paste.

Shashlik Shandiz Kebab as public food of Khorasan

Shashlik is a kind of kebab made from six pieces of mutton, which has a special cooking method and has a very delicate taste. Shashlik in other cities is sliced meat, but in Mashhad with ribs are grilled and roasted on charcoal.

Shashlik kebab in Shandiz and Torghabeh of Mashhad

Shashlik is a Turkish word and is a kind of roast kebab. Shish in the Caucasian Turkish language means skew and the suffix is proportional. Some mistakenly think that Shashlik is a barbecue made from six pieces of meat. Shashlik means roast beef. In many parts of Iran, there are restaurants named Shandiz that offer delicious Shashlik food. Mashhad Shishik are delicious and cooked with bone. In order to enjoy Shashlik's kebab, you can easily go to one of Shandiz's bungalows or Torghabeh around Mashhad and order your desired Shashlik, which is usually good quality.

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