Gandom shir ash Main course

Gandom shir ash Main course of Kerman

Another of Kerman province's local cuisines is the Gandom Shir Ash, which has its own fans. This delicious tasty soup is one of Kerman’s delicious and tasty dishes. In the month of Ramadan, Kermanis use this Ash as an iftar and can be seen on the Iftar table.

gandom shir ash

gandom shir ash

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About Gandom Shir Ash

The ingredients used in this Ash include chickpeas, chop, pulverized whey, Gandom Shir, reshte (thin noodles), onions, garlic, fried mint and spices. For cooking this Ash first make Gandom Shir. Gandom Shir is very tonic and is used in some kerman province’s traditional soups. Materials such as wheat, milk, ginger, caraway, black seed (nigella sativa), salt, pepper and turmeric are also needed to make Gandom shir. Gandom shir Ash is so nourishing that can relieve fasting hunger. If you were a guest in Kerman during the month of Ramadan, do not forget Gandom Shir.

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