Eshkeneh Main course

Eshkeneh Main course of Khorasan and Kerman

Eshkeneh is also one of the foods cooked all over Iran. But due to its different style of cooking in Kerman, it is the local cuisine of this city. Kerman Eshkeneh or Abgarmo is a kind of local food in the province that is cooked in various ways throughout the country.



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About Eshkeneh

wheat flour, eggs, potatoes, onions, tarragon, Potatoes, oil and spices are used to cook this delicious meal. The Kermanis use animal oil in making this dish and eat it with pickles and vegetables.

Eshkeneh as a popular food in Khorasan

Eshkeneh is one of the delectable Iranian foods that is usually eaten with bread. Eshkeneh is long gone and its demand goes back to Khorasan. Eshkeneh has its own fans, whether in Khorasan, Mashhad or in all of Iran. Eshkeneh has different types of ingredients, depending on the materials used in it, such as potato, onion, onion, potato, oatmeal and ointment. Of course, potato onions are probably the most common type of dish. The main constituents of acne include oil, eggs, onions, fenugreek or dried savory, wheat flour, garlic, tomato paste, salt, turmeric and other spices. This soup-like meal is delicious, fast-paced, and can be ornamented on cold nights in winter.