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Dizi or Abgoosht as a top rated Iranian cuisine

Dizi or Abgoosht

Dizi, also called the Abgoosht, is one of the most authentic Iranian cuisines. Cook mutton with beans and potatoes, and sometimes tomatoes to cook so much. Then they will eat it with Sangak bread, vegetables, dough and onion.

Dizi or Abgoosht as a Iranian cuisine

Dizi or Abgoosht

Abgoosht Zire(Caraway broth) as a Popular Kerman Food

(Abgooshte zire) Caraway broth is one of the most popular Kerman dishes in the world. It is a fragrant plant that is widely used in both medicine and Iranian cuisine. The best and most desirable caraway of Iran grows in Kerman province and especially in Baft city. Therefore, it has a high place in the food culture of the province. Kerman’s people make delicious and tasty foods with their special caraway. Traditional Kerman dishes have a unique and unforgettable flavor due to their use of caraway. This plant, which is useful for indigestion, is one of the main constituents of caraway broth. This local dish is very different from the usual Iranian broth, as it does not contain peas, beans and potatoes. In addition to the caraway, the main ingredients of this delicious broth are meat, onions, tomato paste with salt, pepper and turmeric. Keep in mind, however, that the ancient people of Kerman did not use paste in this dish, and instead used plenty of turmeric to color and taste the caraway broth. You can also use the garlic to make it More delicious or add it dried savory or tarragon or after the broth is fully cooked. The Kermani eat this food with bread.

Motanjaneh broth (Abgoosht)

This delicious and delectable broth is one of the oldest and most famous foods in Kerman, and especially in Rafsanjan, which is mostly made as a gift in the days of Muharram mourning. This delicious dish is made of lamb meat, chickpeas, pinto beans, walnuts, quince, onions, potatoes, tarragon, parsley and fenugreek, apricot and spices. Each of these ingredients alone is very useful. for this reason, Motanjaneh broth is very useful and has many benefits. This broth is also known as the broth of Imam Hosseini, which is one of the most popular foods among the Kermanis during Muharram. Be sure to add the spicy broth in Kerman's delicious foods list.

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