Ankas or squid Main course

Ankas or squid Main course of Qeshm-hormuz and Hormozgan

Ankas or Squid is one of the southern seafood's favorite fish that is always used in Qeshm dishes. Ankas is another name for squid, which is served as one of the traditional dishes of Qeshm.



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About Ankas

If you are interested in white meat without bones, surely Ankas or squid can be one of your favorite foods. Squid has white and boneless meat. In southern Iran, this fish is only baked in some specific restaurants, Because squid is exported more. Ankas is one of the local dishes of Hormozgan province and one of Qeshm's most unique local foods, a delectable blend of palm sap and fish that is grilled or roasted. Date is one of the trees that grows in abundance in the south of the country. It is therefore not strange if some of the local dishes of Qeshm use palm sap. To make this dish, cut the squid meat into small squares, cook with some water and dates in the pot until fully cooked and softened.
Roast some sliced ??potatoes and then fry the chopped onions and add the cooked squid. Then add the fried potatoes with a green pepper and tomato paste then salt, pepper and spices. And heat for a few minutes with low flame.
The way of cooking this fish is different in different places. Squid is abundant in southern foods, but you will only experience the unique taste of Ankas in Qeshm.

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