Best main courses in Iran

Fesenjan main course as a thing to eat of iran

This delicious stew, with its sour and sweet taste, has been the most popular Iranian food on the food republic. This stew made from walnut, pomegranate, sugar, chicken or minced meat is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisines.

Khoresh bademjan main course as a thing to eat of iran

Khoresh-e Bademjan is one of the most popular cuisines in Iran. Almost everyone likes the unique taste of eggplants. This delicious stew cooked with fried eggplants along with tomatoes and meat is served with rice and with grilled vegetables, which undoubtedly inspired anyone to taste it once.

Ghormeh-sabzi main course as a thing to eat of iran

This genuine Iranian stew is one of the most delicious dishes in Iran. It has a unique flavor, and is made up of red beans, vegetable stew, meat and lemon juice and served with Iranian rice. It Freshly cooking, Preparation has procedures and style, and not everyone can.

Dizi main course as a thing to eat of iran

Dizi, also called the Abgoosht, is one of the most authentic Iranian cuisines. Cook mutton with beans and potatoes, and sometimes tomatoes to cook so much. Then they will eat it with Sangak bread, vegetables, dough and onion.

Tahchin main course as a thing to eat of iran

The Tahchin is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisine that has a very stylish and charming appearance. It is interesting to know that foreigners call theTahchin, Iranian Cake for their beautiful appearance. The Tahchin is made simple with chicken, meat, eggplant and ... But the Tahchin of the chicken is more famous.

Boz ghormeh main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Boz-ghormeh with this strange name is one of the delicious foods in Kerman province which is called because of goat meat in its ingredients. Goat meat is very tasty and delicious. Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht is one of Kerman's most popular local dishes and is also known as Kerman broth.

Kookoo sabzi main course as a thing to eat of iran

Kookoo Sabzi is a genuine Iranian cuisine. Kookoo Sabzi is one of the foods that are used throughout the year and in the New Year, with nutritious vegetables and nutmeg and other ingredients. In the preparation of Kookoo Sabzi, you must grind Kookoo vegetables, namely turkey, parsley, coriander and dill, add some little onions and a few eggs and salt and pepper, and then cut them. If you like Kookoo Sabzi to taste a bit more, you can add some Barberry to it. If the crushed walnut is added to Kookoo Sabzi, It'll be delicious too.

Khoresht aloocheh main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Khoresht Aloocheh or Plum stew is another of Kerman's local and official foods. This excellent and tasty dish that is a constant food in Kerman's formal parties and gatherings is made with both red meat and chicken that The taste of both types is unique.

Dolma main course as a thing to eat of iran

Dolma have different types, and grape leaves Dolma, tomato Dolma, eggplant and sweet pepper Dolma among them are the most famous ones. Grape leaves Dolma is more popular, and many Iranians in the spring produce Dolma from fresh, sour and tasty leaves of grapes. Dolma is one of the local cuisines in the provinces of West and East Azerbaijan, however, today this delicious dish is cooked all over Iran. Stuffed ingredients are a mixture of minced meat, sweet vegetables, onions, cotyledons and etc.

Omaj main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Omaj Ash or Amaj Ash is one of Kerman's oldest, most delicious and popular local foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In Kerman it is known as Umchu and Shauli (Shawli).

Kashk bademjan abgoosht main course as a thing to eat of kerman

The Kashk e Bademjan is also a Persian Cuisine that you can eat in a vegan diet. To prepare the Kashk e Bademjan first add the onion, then add some grated garlic to the onion and add, then add the mint and add a bit of it and remove the material from the gas. Now add grilled eggplant on a frying pan and with oil, add the hot onion that you have prepared to the eggplant, then turn it on. Boil the whey in advance, then add the ingredients. Let it be dry, then turn off the stove.

Ash reshteh main course as a thing to eat of iran

Ash e Reshteh is a kind of thick soup with a dense of noodle, a delicious blend of beans and legumes and aromatic and leafy vegetables like spinach leaves and beets. Before the serve, they decorate it with hot onion, hot mint and whey. Whey is a similar substance to thick dough that is produced in Central Asia. To make hot onions and hot mint, it is enough to separate them in hot oil, a little fry. Ash e Reshteh has been linked to the culture and life of the Iranian people since ancient times, and many, before their long familiar journey, provided this meal to their traveler, to be a symbol of good humor and goodwill for the healthy return of the traveler. On the other hand, because of the valuable Foodstuffs that are considered as auspicious and happy in Iranian culture, they also cook the Ash e Reshteh in the Nowruz and New Year's Eve celebrations of Iranians.

Kebab main course as a thing to eat of khorasan and iran

Iranian barbecues are more diverse than you imagine. First of all, we go to Kebab koobideh, grilled beef with red meat, chopped onions and salt and pepper. It may seem simple, but its taste is unique. After that, the Kebab Barg you ahead with a thin layer of lamb or cow, with lemon juice, onions, saffron and butter. Grilled chicken, now burning on fire after laying chicken meat in lemon juice and saffron. If you're very fortunate,you can get to Jegaraki and eat some liver with fresh basil and lemon juice.

Gandom shir ash main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Another of Kerman province's local cuisines is the Gandom Shir Ash, which has its own fans. This delicious tasty soup is one of Kerman’s delicious and tasty dishes. In the month of Ramadan, Kermanis use this Ash as an iftar and can be seen on the Iftar table.

Zire polow main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Zirepolow (caraway Pilaf); Caraway (cumin) is an inseparable part of the Kermanian taste that, in addition to its wonderful taste, has many therapeutic properties.

Shole main course as a thing to eat of khorasan

Mashhad Shole, known only as Shole in Mashhad, is a food from the Ash family. The main ingredients of this dish are plenty of meat, beans and spices, which can be added to some of the cow bone kernel to make it tasty.

Baghali ghatogh main course as a thing to eat of gilan

A delicious vegetable stew originating from the north of the country is called Baghali Ghatogh or Baghali stew, which is also very delicious. To prepare the Baghali, you will need to use a fresh broad bean or dry broad bean. Take the bean skin then drop them in a pot and a few cubes of garlic and add the bacon. then pour a little bit of oil and dry broad bean and garlic, Now add fresh or ingredients Dill, along with salt, pepper and turmeric to the ingredients, and stir together. Now it's time to add water. Pour water up to 3 centimeters higher than bacon and heat the flame to boil, then add two eggs and reduce the temperature of the gas to cook.

Beh aloo main course as a thing to eat of kerman

The Beh Aloo stew, one of Kerman’s local foods, is very tasty and nutritious due to plums in it.

Kufteh tabrizi main course as a thing to eat of east azerbaijan and iran

Kufteh Tabrizi is one of the most delicious dishes of the Azerbaijani region, which is not only limited to its popularity in this region. But Kufteh Tabrizi is one of the most famous and delicious ones. Kufteh Tabrizi are made from meat, split peas and vegetables, and boiled egg, plum, walnut, hot onion and barberry are added to the meatballs.

Falafel main course as a thing to eat of khuzestan and iran

To make Falafel, peas should be placed in water for several hours, Until the Bloating is resolved and soft. Then crush the nuts, of course, they should not be very crushed. After crushing, add parsley and garlic and grated onion to the ingredients and mix, Add a little Chickpea flour and a few eggs to your stuff and make a dough so that a smooth dough is created. Now you just need to foggles and fry.

Ash mast main course as a thing to eat of khorasan

Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of the traditional dishes in Khorasan which is usually eaten with other foods such as Coco. Ash Mast(Yoghurt) Sabzevar is one of those foods that are cooked and distributed on religious occasions as a vow meal.

Nargesi main course as a thing to eat of mazandaran and golestan and khorasan

Vegetarian Nargesi is simple and easy to make. Steam the spinach to prepare Nergesi. Then mix it with onions and fried garlic, Add a bit of salt and pepper and add a few eggs to the spinach and let them get it. Simply

Kookoo sibzamini main course as a thing to eat of iran

Kookoo Sibzamini can be cooked in two ways, one with uncooked-potatoes and another cooked-potato method, usually cooked with cooked potatoes, but its uncooked-potatoes kind is very tasty and delicious. However, to cook Kookoo Sibzamini,you have to grate potatoes. If you use uncooked-potatoes, be sure to grate the potatoes and remove its water for not sticking the kookoo to the pan. Add a medium bulb and add ingredients. Now add salt, pepper and turmeric and eggs and pour the ingredients into the frying pan.

Kalejoosh main course as a thing to eat of isfahan

One of the most original Iranian cuisines. To make Kalejoosh, boil the whey and add onions and fried garlic with walnuts and dried mint to allow it to be slightly bitter. This food is full of calcium, phosphorus and protein.

Yatimcheh main course as a thing to eat of iran

An Iranian vegetarian food that is so easy is Yatimcheh. To make the Yatimcheh, you must grind eggplants in a cube and mix with garlic and fried onions in pan to give it a brown color. Now add the grated tomatoes, salt and pepper, and pour some of the water into the pan and let it cook.

Jooshvareh or jooshpareh main course as a thing to eat of khorasan and ardabil

Jooshvareh Ash or Jooshpareh is ash that is made in Khorasan, especially in Razavi and South Khorasan by cooking samosa with beans and spices in water and does not need meat.

Ash shalgham main course as a thing to eat of khorasan

The land of Khorasan is distinguished for its variety of Ash, whether made with greens or with meat and spaghetti. Ash Shalgham(turnip) is one of the local Ashes of south Khorasan and of course one of the most common Ashes in Iran that has many therapeutic and medicinal uses.

Majoor kadoo main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Majoor Kadoo is one of the best and most original local foods in Kerman with an easy cooking recipe. Majoor Kadoo is one of Kerman's healthy and tasty foods. In addition to being easy to prepare, it is economically inexpensive.

kermani ghatogh main course as a thing to eat

ghatoghs are one of the oldest foods in the Kermanian variety of foods that are easy to make, in addition to being tasty. In the south of Iran, any type of cooked food that is easy to make and can be eaten with soaked bread in it, called ghatogh.

Eshkeneh main course as a thing to eat of khorasan and kerman

Eshkeneh is also one of the foods cooked all over Iran. But due to its different style of cooking in Kerman, it is the local cuisine of this city. Kerman Eshkeneh or Abgarmo is a kind of local food in the province that is cooked in various ways throughout the country.

Lappe polow zire main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Lappe Polow with caraway because of its use of meat and caraway has a wonderful flavor and aroma that you will never forget the taste experience. Rice, minced meat, cotyledon, caraway, onions, tomato paste, salt, pepper and turmeric are the main ingredients of this local dish.

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About Main Courses of Iranian Cuisines

Due to ethnic, cultural and climatic diversity in Iran, there is a huge diversity of food and every region has its own native and specialty food. Wherever you are in Iran, what you will never miss is gourmet and delicious food. The unique taste of Iranian cuisine and its variety, not only for Iranian people inside the country, but also for foreign tourists who are looking for a new and different taste, is also very attractive.

Food, in addition to being the first and most important human need, represents the culture and customs of each climate. All countries have their own traditional cuisine according to their taste and culture. Traditional foods are often healthy foods and the secret of healthy is because these foods are in fresh ingredients as well as the sweet vegetables that are used to prepare such foods.

Foods such as Ghormeh Sabzi,, Fesenjan, Kebab, as well as Dizi and etc are some of the most famous Iranian cuisines that are popular on the international level.

Tasting a variety of flavors, from sour to sweet, as well as sweet-and-sour, gives us all pleasure. Tasting these different flavors is attractive for tourism in different regions. Iran is full of areas where you can taste a variety of flavors. These different flavors have become attractive to tourism.

In the following, we present a list of the main Iranian cuisines