Best Kerman Cuisines to eat for tourists

Boz ghormeh main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Boz-ghormeh with this strange name is one of the delicious foods in Kerman province which is called because of goat meat in its ingredients. Goat meat is very tasty and delicious. Boz-ghormeh Abgoosht is one of Kerman's most popular local dishes and is also known as Kerman broth.

Khoresht aloocheh main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Khoresht Aloocheh or Plum stew is another of Kerman's local and official foods. This excellent and tasty dish that is a constant food in Kerman's formal parties and gatherings is made with both red meat and chicken that The taste of both types is unique.

Omaj main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Omaj Ash or Amaj Ash is one of Kerman's oldest, most delicious and popular local foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In Kerman it is known as Umchu and Shauli (Shawli).

Kashk bademjan abgoosht main course as a thing to eat of kerman

The Kashk e Bademjan is also a Persian Cuisine that you can eat in a vegan diet. To prepare the Kashk e Bademjan first add the onion, then add some grated garlic to the onion and add, then add the mint and add a bit of it and remove the material from the gas. Now add grilled eggplant on a frying pan and with oil, add the hot onion that you have prepared to the eggplant, then turn it on. Boil the whey in advance, then add the ingredients. Let it be dry, then turn off the stove.

Qottab snack as a thing to eat of kerman

One of the most famous Persian cuisines is Mirza Ghasemi's North Food, which is considered an Iranian vegetarian cuisine. To prepare Mirza Ghassemi, grilled eggplant mix with garlic and crushed tomatoes should be blended to make tomatoes and garlic, complete with eggplants. Add the egg and mix the ingredients until the whole egg is spread and cooked.

Faloodeh dessert as a thing to eat of kerman

Faloodeh or Paloodeh from Iranian Desserts. In fact, Faloodeh is an old ice cream dessert that is made up of thin strands of starch in a mixture of water, ice and sugar. Faloodeh of Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd are the most well-known of that which Shiraz Faloodeh type is usually eaten with a condiment such as lemon juice, Nastaran sweets or syrup, but mix and eat Kermani Faloodeh with rose water and mint.

Gandom shir ash main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Another of Kerman province's local cuisines is the Gandom Shir Ash, which has its own fans. This delicious tasty soup is one of Kerman’s delicious and tasty dishes. In the month of Ramadan, Kermanis use this Ash as an iftar and can be seen on the Iftar table.

Zire polow main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Zirepolow (caraway Pilaf); Caraway (cumin) is an inseparable part of the Kermanian taste that, in addition to its wonderful taste, has many therapeutic properties.

Kolompeh snack as a thing to eat of kerman

Kolompeh are a special type of sweets that are cooked in Kerman. This Special sweets has a special composition and the main ingredients are dates, flour, spices and oil. The Kolompeh is shaped like a muffin, except that there are dates in it. The walnut Kolompeh, is one of the most delicious types of Kolompeh. Kerman's Kolompeh can be kept in closed containers for a long time because of their dryness.

Beh aloo main course as a thing to eat of kerman

The Beh Aloo stew, one of Kerman’s local foods, is very tasty and nutritious due to plums in it.

Kachi dessert as a thing to eat of kerman

Kachi is one of the original and old desserts, has a very soft and delicate texture and is cooked everywhere in Iran, with some changes. This delicious Iranian dessert is seen both in the table of joy and happiness. Kachi is made with flour, sugar, rose water, butter, oil and saffron. Kachi was cooked with a lot of animal oil in the past. Kachi is also can be made with rice flour.

Kashk kadoo appetizer as a thing to eat of kerman

Kashk Kadoo Zucchini is high in vitamin C and lutein, both of which are beneficial to the eye. This vegetable is very useful for preventing diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency, preventing colon cancer and losing weight.

Nan khormaei snack as a thing to eat of kerman

Nan khormaei is a cookie made from dates, wheat flour, sugar, Kermanshahi oil, saffron, water, rose water, and eggs, and is souvenir in Kermanshah. Nan Khormaei is made without sugar and its sweet taste is due to the presence of nectar of dates and pieces of dates inside it.

Samanu dessert as a thing to eat of kerman

Samanu is made from fresh wheatgrass and whole wheat flour. Samanu is the symbol of power and symbol of blessing and patience in the Nowruz Haft Sin. The Samanu is delicious and sweet, but it does not add any type of sweetener. The sweet reason is the combination of wheat germ with full flour that gives it a sweet taste. The nutrients and vitamins found in wheat and its buds have a high nutritional value.

Majoor kadoo main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Majoor Kadoo is one of the best and most original local foods in Kerman with an easy cooking recipe. Majoor Kadoo is one of Kerman's healthy and tasty foods. In addition to being easy to prepare, it is economically inexpensive.

kermani ghatogh main course as a thing to eat

ghatoghs are one of the oldest foods in the Kermanian variety of foods that are easy to make, in addition to being tasty. In the south of Iran, any type of cooked food that is easy to make and can be eaten with soaked bread in it, called ghatogh.

Eshkeneh main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Eshkeneh is also one of the foods cooked all over Iran. But due to its different style of cooking in Kerman, it is the local cuisine of this city. Kerman Eshkeneh or Abgarmo is a kind of local food in the province that is cooked in various ways throughout the country.

Ghovatou snack as a thing to eat of kerman

Ghovatou or Ghaout is one of the souvenirs of Kerman province, which is produced in the cities of Ravar, Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Bam, Zarand and Kerman, and has a long history. The reason for this is because it is a source of energy. Ghovatou or Ghaout of Kerman is a boosting herbal potion. Ghovatou or Ghaout are consumed as edible powder or solution in milk or tea.

Lappe polow zire main course as a thing to eat of kerman

Lappe Polow with caraway because of its use of meat and caraway has a wonderful flavor and aroma that you will never forget the taste experience. Rice, minced meat, cotyledon, caraway, onions, tomato paste, salt, pepper and turmeric are the main ingredients of this local dish.

Pistachio halva snack as a thing to eat of kerman

Halva pistachio is one of the sweets that gives you a delicious experience. This delicious pastry is made from a combination of flour, butter, sugar, pistachio powder, saffron, rosehip and cardamom. Because pistachios are widely found in Kerman, they are also used in confectionery.