Sour cherry Drink

Sour cherry Drink of Iran

Sour Cherry syrup is one of the most delicious Iranian syrups. Sour Cherry Syrup "is one of the oldest grandmothers' tricks for treating heat stroke on hot summer days. This is while the sour cherries, fresh or in syrup and even sour cherries rice, have long since been recommended for the treatment of heat during the summer.

sour cherry

sour cherry

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Ingredients for Cherry Syrup

SourĀ  Cherry: 1 kilogram

Sugar: 2 kg

Water: 1 glass

Stir theĀ  non-pit cherries between 24 and 48 hours in the sugar and keep it in the refrigerator,It is better to use a glaze pot.

Add the water and place the pot on a heat with a flame.

You should be careful and stir until the sugar is completely soluble in the syrup. After dissolving, keep warm for 10 to 15 minutes to maintain consistency.

Use a filter and store the syrup in a glass or bottle.