Best drinks in Iran

Tokhm sharbati drink as a thing to eat of iran

Tokhm-e Sharbati(Seeds of a local type Basil) Syrup has traditionally been used as a traditional drink among Iranian people, which is very effective in maintaining thirst and balance in order to keep the blood pressure and lean.

Khakshir drink as a thing to eat of iran

Khakshir Syrup is one of the best traditional Iranian beverages, which is consumed more often in summer and It is consumed coolly. This syrup is made up of a combination of water, Descurainia sophia, sugar, rose water and ice. Some also sip lemon juice. You can also use honey instead of sugar.

Sekanjabin drink as a thing to eat of iran

Sekanjabin syrup is an original iranian syrup that has a lot of fans. This syrup is usually flavored with water, which is very tasty and Good aroma.

Doogh drink as a thing to eat of iran and tehran

One of the most popular Iranian beverages found on most tables is Doogh. Doogh is a popular drink that has traditionally been obtained from yogurt in the process of butter production. The sweet type of Doogh is mostly due to the addition of materials such as rose water, mango or lemon, and the sour type is yoghurt, water, salt and pepper, which can be added to fresh vegetables such as mint and pineapple. Its color should be white to Milky white, with a special flavor and no foreign flavor.

Daleh drink as a thing to eat of khuzestan

Ahvaz Daleh Coffee, Copper dish is often a golden color that the Arab people call it Daleh. This dish, which is a Coffeepot, is used at most official and informal ceremonies of these people. The Arab people of Ahwaz, like other people of Iran, have their own culture.The coffee ceremony was on the list of national works of Iran.

Damnoosh drink as a thing to eat of iran

Damnoosh is a type of drinks in which some of the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, skin of the fruit or other components of medicinal plants that are soluble in water, are used dry or fresh. Stew or extracting water is the most common and oldest method of applying herbal medicines.

Lemonade drink as a thing to eat of iran

The lemon Syrup is one of the delicious and charming beverages that has many properties. This delicious summer drink is very supportive to deal thirst, and this delicious drink can easily be made at home to cater to the guests. Lemon juice and honey are both excellent for the health of the immune system and rich in antioxidants. When the lime is consumed with water, the natural ingredients in the sour lime syrup can improve the quality of the skin and prevent it from aging. Lime syrup reduces blood sugar.

Saffron syrup drink as a thing to eat of iran

Saffron syrup is a very colorful syrup that is popular in some parts of Iran, including Khorasan. Saffron Syrup is one of the most delicious Iranian syrups that can be prepared and welcomed by guests at the celebration. Research shows that saffron syrup can be used to relieve insomnia that originates from brain stimulation. Saffron syrup also makes digestion easier. Because of the effect of anesthetizing on the pulmonary nerves, saffron is a chronic cough in the bronchitis, and is also very effective in treating seizures and toothache.

Sour cherry drink as a thing to eat of iran

Sour Cherry syrup is one of the most delicious Iranian syrups. Sour Cherry Syrup "is one of the oldest grandmothers' tricks for treating heat stroke on hot summer days. This is while the sour cherries, fresh or in syrup and even sour cherries rice, have long since been recommended for the treatment of heat during the summer.

Bidmeshk drink as a thing to eat of iran

This Bidmeshk syrup, which has high drug properties, is cheerful and refreshing and has a significant effect on gastrointestinal enhancement. Bidmeshk syrup is one of the traditional drinks with high medicinal properties, Of its types simple Bidmeshk syrup, Bidmesh Khakshir, Bidmeshk Tokhmsharbati and Bidmeshk with rose water can be called. Bidmeshk syrup contains a variety of vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, antioxidants such as flavonoids, sodium, potassium, protein, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium , Acetic acid, tryptophan, copper, folic acid and citric acid.

Bahar narenj drink as a thing to eat of mazandaran and fars and kashan

Bahar Narenj is mean The orange blossom or orange flower And with the orange spring that becomes in spring, Jam and Bahar Narenj syrup are prepared. The most important medicinal property of the Bahar Narenj is its effect on the nervous system of the body. The Bahar Narenj is a relaxing and anti-thirsty nerve and reduces migraine headaches.

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