Sholezard as a Iranian Dessert


The Sholezard is one of the ritual foods of Iran, which is cooked, especially as a religious mourning day, Cooked as a vow, and distributed it to neighbors. Sholezard is a traditional Iranian dessert that originates in Kerman province and is cooked and distributed in some festivals and mourning places. Sholezard, have yellow color due to the saffron and pour on cinnamon, almonds and pistachios on it. It is generally cooked in one way, and is especially used in Ramadan for iftar.

Sholezard as a Iranian Deserts


The most important ingredients of Sholezard

The main ingredient for baking Sholezard is saffron, The original color and delicious taste of Sholezard depends on the amount of this precious item that use the cook.

Other ingredients of this delicious Iranian dessert include rice, sugar, rose water, honey, pistachios or almonds, cinnamon and butter or oil. Since the Sholezard is cooked and distributed more during religious times, pouring it on the cemetery with religious phrases and Slavic designs.