Saffron Ice Cream as a Iranian Dessert

Saffron Ice Cream

Saffron ice cream from its bright, colorful color to its pleasant smell It sounds like a spring spirit. Enjoying the Iranian ice cream is an experience that is memorable and its flavor will make it the world's most delicious ice cream dessert. The cnn travel website in its most recent New Year article introduces 50 delicious and popular desserts that Saffron ice cream is one of them.

Saffron Ice Cream as a Iranian Deserts

Saffron Ice Cream

About Saffron Ice Cream

Traditional saffron ice cream or traditional ice cream is one of the types of ice cream that is commonly used among Iranian families.

In the preparation of this ice cream, milk, eggs, saffron, rose water, sugar, vanilla and flour are used.

If you want to complete the experience of eating ice cream, we recommend that you try the Iranian Sandwich Ice Cream, which is made by placing saffron ice cream on two thin, crispy wafer. 

These delicious and crisp breads are very comfortable in the hand and it makes the Ice cream is twice as sweet. You can buy and enjoy the saffron ice cream from Tehran to Los Angeles.