Masghati as a Iranian Dessert


This sweets is one of the most famous sweets and desserts in Iran. In Ramadan, as well as in the days of Nowruz and special occasions, Masghati can be a good option. Usually Masghati is known as the Lari Masghati. Masghati is one of the souvenirs of some Iranian cities like Bandar Abbas, Kazeroon, Lar and Ghorash. Starch, sugar, rose water, cardamom, oil and saffron are the ingredients used to make this pastry.

Masghati as a Iranian Deserts


About Masghati

This sweets arrived in Iran and the Persian Gulf port about two centuries ago from the port of Muscat in the country of Oman and today it is located in the south of Fars province in the city of Lar. It can be called also a halva.

The most important ingredient used in this pastry is starch. In some cities, flower starch powder is used to make Masghati. Often, they usually use ordinary starch.

Starch is used as a nutrient for the preparation of various types of sauces and seasonings, and increases its concentration significantly.