Kachi as a Iranian Dessert


Kachi is one of the original and old desserts, has a very soft and delicate texture and is cooked everywhere in Iran, with some changes. This delicious Iranian dessert is seen both in the table of joy and happiness. Kachi is made with flour, sugar, rose water, butter, oil and saffron. Kachi was cooked with a lot of animal oil in the past. Kachi is also can be made with rice flour.

Kachi as a Iranian Deserts


About Kachi Dessert

Kachi is an Iranian dessert, but it can be eaten at dinner as a meal with bread. Kachi is rich in flour and butter because of that it has a high energy. For example, the energy from butter and flour, alone, amounts to 3,115 calories, which is significant energy. For this reason, it is a good dessert for lean people and those who are weak.

Kachi is also used in some other days, except for the use of religious rituals. For example, it's customary to have the first meal of a woman who has given birth to Kachi. because it is considered useful for She due to the healthiness of the food. Also, on the first day of the wedding, the bride and groom take Kachi for breakfast.

Tabrizian call it "Ghoymagh", Urmia people call it "dooshab", and Kermanian use Chaharmaghz to increase the strength of this delicious dessert, some make sugar and some salt and turmeric in some areas. However, the ingredients of this traditional dessert, regardless of different names with a little added and reducing its ingredients in different regions of Iran is similar.