Faloodeh as a Iranian Dessert


Faloodeh or Paloodeh from Iranian Desserts. In fact, Faloodeh is an old ice cream dessert that is made up of thin strands of starch in a mixture of water, ice and sugar. Faloodeh of Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd are the most well-known of that which Shiraz Faloodeh type is usually eaten with a condiment such as lemon juice, Nastaran sweets or syrup, but mix and eat Kermani Faloodeh with rose water and mint.

Faloodeh as a Iranian Deserts


About SHirazi and Kermani Faloodeh

Shirazi Faloodeh is better known and more famous than other types of Faloodeh, and is sold in many ice cream shops throughout the country, and even in Iranian ice cream overseas along with traditional ice cream or only sold.

Shiraz Faloodeh is famous. It is served as a Separately or with traditional ice cream. Shirazi Faloodeh is usually mixed with a kind of stuffing such as lemon juice, sweeteners like Nestaran or sour cherry and they mix and  mixed and eat Kermani's Faloodeh with Rose water and mint or a drink called shireh.