Best desserts in Iran

Saffron ice cream dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Saffron ice cream from its bright, colorful color to its pleasant smell It sounds like a spring spirit. Enjoying the Iranian ice cream is an experience that is memorable and its flavor will make it the world's most delicious ice cream dessert. The cnn travel website in its most recent New Year article introduces 50 delicious and popular desserts that Saffron ice cream is one of them.

Sholezard dessert as a thing to eat of iran

The Sholezard is one of the ritual foods of Iran, which is cooked, especially as a religious mourning day, Cooked as a vow, and distributed it to neighbors. Sholezard is a traditional Iranian dessert that originates in Kerman province and is cooked and distributed in some festivals and mourning places. Sholezard, have yellow color due to the saffron and pour on cinnamon, almonds and pistachios on it. It is generally cooked in one way, and is especially used in Ramadan for iftar.

Faloodeh dessert as a thing to eat of fars and yazd and kerman and iran

Faloodeh or Paloodeh from Iranian Desserts. In fact, Faloodeh is an old ice cream dessert that is made up of thin strands of starch in a mixture of water, ice and sugar. Faloodeh of Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd are the most well-known of that which Shiraz Faloodeh type is usually eaten with a condiment such as lemon juice, Nastaran sweets or syrup, but mix and eat Kermani Faloodeh with rose water and mint.

Firni dessert as a thing to eat of iran

Firni are cooked in a variety of ways, which is a Firni with rice flour and Firni with starch the most famous of it. Of course porridge is a tasty food for children. Firni can be used as a sweet snack. Firni is one of the most famous and popular Persian Iftars that is being prepared in Ramadan. Served in both warm and cold form, each with its own fan. To sweeten this dessert, you can use grape jams or juice instead of sugar.

Digcheh dessert as a thing to eat of khorasan

Mashhadi's Digcheh is a delicious, traditional and local dessert for the city of Mashhad. Digcheh , an occasionally dessert, and it is also known as a popular vow during Ramadan, Muharram.

Kachi dessert as a thing to eat of kerman and khorasan and west azerbaijan and east azerbaijan and iran

Kachi is one of the original and old desserts, has a very soft and delicate texture and is cooked everywhere in Iran, with some changes. This delicious Iranian dessert is seen both in the table of joy and happiness. Kachi is made with flour, sugar, rose water, butter, oil and saffron. Kachi was cooked with a lot of animal oil in the past. Kachi is also can be made with rice flour.

Masghati dessert as a thing to eat of fars and iran and bushehr

This sweets is one of the most famous sweets and desserts in Iran. In Ramadan, as well as in the days of Nowruz and special occasions, Masghati can be a good option. Usually Masghati is known as the Lari Masghati. Masghati is one of the souvenirs of some Iranian cities like Bandar Abbas, Kazeroon, Lar and Ghorash. Starch, sugar, rose water, cardamom, oil and saffron are the ingredients used to make this pastry.

Tomoshi , tomooshi or tomshi dessert as a thing to eat of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Tomoshi (Tomshi) bread is one of the popular foods and desserts of the people of Hormozgan and other provinces that Hormozganis cook this very thin local bread with a special sauce. In Qeshm, more than 20 types of local bread are cooked.

Samanu dessert as a thing to eat of lorestan and kerman and iran

Samanu is made from fresh wheatgrass and whole wheat flour. Samanu is the symbol of power and symbol of blessing and patience in the Nowruz Haft Sin. The Samanu is delicious and sweet, but it does not add any type of sweetener. The sweet reason is the combination of wheat germ with full flour that gives it a sweet taste. The nutrients and vitamins found in wheat and its buds have a high nutritional value.

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