Sabzi Khordan as a top rated Iranian cuisine

Sabzi Khordan with Sangak, feta cheese and walnuts

It is impossible to eat Iranian food and do not have a cup of fresh vegetables along with food. In this container of vegetables such as tarragon, mint, basil, coriander with radishes, onions and walnuts, along with white feta cheese. Eating is simple! Just remove the slice of bread, add some green and some cheese to it, and, like a regular sandwich, cook it and then do it. The vegetable dish stays on the table all the time, and you can use it during meals. Both fresh and dried vegetables are found in Iranian food culture. For example, in the traditional Iranian New Year's Eve dishes, vegetables cooked with dried herbs are among them.

Sabzi Khordan as a Iranian cuisine

Sabzi Khordan