Traditional Iranian Cuisines as Tourist Attractions

About Traditional Iranian Cuisines

Iranian Cuisine

Iranian food and cuisine always has a good aroma and matches the taste of the people. Varied spices such as saffron and turmeric and cumin in traditional Iranian cuisine provide a unique flavor. Traditional Iranian cuisines are rooted in Iranian culture, they are often healthy and even useful for treating some diseases. Traditional Iranian cuisines require enough time to prepare.Iranian cuisine with fantastic flavors in the world is unique.

Traditional Iranian Dishes and Iranian Cuisine

Iranian Cuisine

Are Iranian foods the most delicious food in the world?

Iran is a country with a very rich civilization and culture, with many ethnicities that have special foods depending on where they live. For example, in the northern part of Iran and the south, due to its proximity to the seas, a variety of foods prepared with fish are abundant, or the northwestern parts of Iran have special foods such as cabbage and dumplings that can be matched with the culture and climatic conditions of this area.

The presence of several different climates causes a variety of Iranian cuisine. In addition, the Achaemenid Empire and Persian Empire embraced the entire region of Iran and its neighboring countries in the past, and in the next few wars, various lands were handed over. As well as the great and important silk way from inside Iran, caused many other countries passed through Iran.

All of these issues together led to the creation of a rich and unique food culture by influencing other cultures from Iran.

The purpose of the IranianDishes website

The IranianDishes tries to Introducing the Best Iranian Cuisine List and bring Iranian cuisine to categories based on:

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